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David Mann

Managing Director

David is a serial entrepreneur and former Amazon executive. He is a builder that has focused his career building companies and high performing teams that can scale from early start-up to 1,000+ person organizations. David sits on the board of directors for RevRoad and is also deeply involved in development work as a board member for Mothers Without Borders. David’s professional passion is coaching founders to help them avoid many of the painful lessons learned through years of experience building teams and businesses.

Rachelle Morris

Managing Director

Rachelle is a passionate connector and former Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan executive. She has focused her career around balance sheet optimization and stewardship of capital and sits on the partnership advisory council for The Norden Group. Rachelle loves to help founders grow their companies through navigating networks and resources available through the private and public sectors and serves on the board of directors for World Trade Center Utah.

Bart Skalla

Managing Director

Bart co-founded RevRoad and supported portfolio companies by leading RevRoad’s Finance and Capital Services. Leveraging his decades of experience in corporate finance and venture capital, Bart has now shifted his focus to RevRoad Capital. Previously, Bart worked as an economist for Texas Instruments where he also helped to create an in-house venture fund and later a VC fund on his own.

Scott Petersen

Managing Director

Scott is a serial entrepreneur and experienced angel and VC investor. During the course of his career, he has founded or co-founded 7 companies and has participated in 5 successful exits, 2 still active. Scott was the Executive Director of the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at BYU for 10 years, earning a top 5 program ranking each of those years. He is an expert in leadership, early stage product roadmaps, helping companies find product/market fit, and sales. 

Joel Beus

Chief Counsel

Joel is RevRoad’s Chief Legal Counsel and serves in the same role at RevRoad Ventures. He works with early-stage companies on corporate governance, capital raising and other key legal matters. After law school at Harvard, Joel practiced commercial litigation in Dallas on many high profile cases. He represents RevRoad on several boards of directors. 

Glen Mella

Advisory Board Chair

Glen Mella has focused his career on delivering rapid business growth, profitability, and significant investor returns in the high-tech arena, including raising $200 million in investment capital. His experience has allowed him to build and lead successful teams in numerous startups and multinational organizations.