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RevRoad Capital invests based on having worked alongside client companies for up to two years. We’ve helped them build their business, remove risk, find product market fit and grow traction. When we invest, it’s almost cheating because we already know the answers to many of the questions.

Rigorous selection process

RevRoad funnels a wide variety of companies through a highly selective process. After careful analysis, meetings, and refinement, RevRoad signs partnership agreements with the top 3-4 teams each quarter. Companies give a modest equity exchange for RevRoad’s best-in-class venture services.

Investing before the inflection point

RevRoad Capital begins due diligence into teams and companies the moment they start working with RevRoad. This deep and early insight allows RRC to identify which teams and opportunities demonstrate real, market-based potential. This ongoing relationship also informs the timing of investment into such opportunities, allowing us to invest in companies before the inflection point.

The RevRoad virtuous cycle

RevRoad’s two-year program sets each portfolio company for growth and traction. RevRoad Capital then funds select high-performing companies, accelerating liquidity events. Successful events, in turn, inspire more great companies to apply to RevRoad’s program, creating a virtuous cycle of growth.